Sunday, April 12, 2009

Live...lest you die...

I woke up early this morning..
Feeling kinda weird…
What’s up with this morning.. I wondered
Scratching my sloppy beard

The walls …once… were grey
Now …is a shade of cream
Are these feelings for real?
Or is this ….just a dream??

Let me get out of bed, I thought
N wash these feelings away..
But why would I do that? I thought
I kinda like it this way

Why are things so different
from what it used to be???
Why do I feel the world
is smiling back at me??

Will this last the distance??
Will I feel the same??
It’d be sad to lose all this
It’d be such a shame

Let me not think, lest it be a crime
let me live life for now, until... it is time…

1 comment:

RockSta said...

Nice one bro...reminds me of those poems that we used to learn by rote in school. Nice choice of words. They rhyme well.