Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Picture


Look into my eyes, my son, don’t you look away
Come out from that shadow, come into the ray
Its been a hard life for you, you know I understand
You were in the sea out there, lets get you back to land.

What is it with your eyes, my son, why are they so red?
Is it the hate that you carry, or the tears that you’ve shed?
You don’t need either, because neither of them, is you
Leave them all behind, my son, and start over new

Look at the picture over there, hanging on your wall
Lets walk into the picture, and walk beyond the wall
Breathe in all the blue, my son, and sit on all the green
It is not just a picture, this is where you had been.

Before the day you left my hand, and went away from sight
And ran beyond the picture, ran beyond the light
I do not care about that, now that you are here
Back into the picture, long way away from fear