Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday was a historic day for Indian cricket. India posted their biggest test win against the Aussies. Even better, Aussies are sulking real bad. Ponting seems to think Indians crossed the fine sledging line. This statement is coming from Aussie Captain Ricky Ponting. I mean Aussies are the inventors of sledging and yesterday Ponting invented the fine line too.

A lot of good things to note…

Ganguly, playing his last series, scored a century making his exit worth remembering. He will be missed. Atta boy Dada..

Sachin surpassed Lara’s record to become the highest run scorer in Tests.

Zaheer is back to his old swinging days, taking wickets at will.

Dhoni leading the way with good scores in both innings and an awesome attitude as captain. Well done sir.

Contributions from Gambhir, Sehwag, Bajji, Ishant, Mishra…

Anyways, the media is all over the men in blue again. Showering praises for Dhoni’s lot like never before. Haven’t we seen this before?

I am posting this coz I wanna see how long it takes for the next one. Hope it doesn’t take too long. As of now…congrats guys…keep it going…


RockSta said...

However historic the test may be it was marred by Gilchrist's slur on Sachin.

When will the victimization of the Asian cricketers stop? Yesterday there was a flare up between Gambhir and Watson and it seems that Gambhir has been severely reprimanded while Shane Watson scoots off scott-free!

When will the whites stop type-casting us. Should we remain a humble, shy, modest, non-aggressive nation forever?

We have every right to match the Aussies with lots of intensity. Why do we have to tone down our intensity level. Intimidation has become commonplace and why do we get punished when we show a little intimidation?

Why does everyone expect us to cower in fear.

fahd said...

I guess everyone played other than the now badly crumbling 'Wall'. It looks like the wrong senior player is retiring.